I'm cooking a 3# Bone-in Loin of Pork-Is it better to cook [email protected], or @350-1.5hrs?Or,? It is surrounded with root veggies.

  • Posted by: Robert
  • March 24, 2020


Miss_Karen March 24, 2020
I agree. Low & slow 🙂
Robert March 25, 2020
Thanks Miss_Karen. By the time the replies came in, I had already made that decision! But, I do have another query! What temps. and times do you usually use for roasts? And, do you apply the same rules to pork, chicken, and beef? Once again, THANKS!
Lori T. March 24, 2020
Personally, I prefer to go on the low side with a large roast as you have. It's more likely to give you a nice result that has cooked through, without the danger of drying out the meat. Once it's done, you can remove the veg and put the meat back in under higher heat to sear and crisp the fat cap. Or at least- that's my preferred method. Think of your cut as the piggie equivalent of a standing rib roast, and cook similarly.
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