using bacon instead of proscutto?

Hi there,

I can't go to the store because of the virus - what about using uncooked or cooked bacon in the bouquet Garni instead? Thanks so much.

Amanda Moose
My Favorite Bolognese
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Emma L. March 24, 2020
Hi Amanda! Bacon would work great (I bet the smokiness will be really nice). Stay safe!
Amanda M. March 24, 2020
Thanks for the quick response and greatly appreciate your help - cooked or uncooked?
Josh C. March 24, 2020
Hi Amanda, I would add it uncooked, and it'll release its flavor as the sauce cooks
Amanda M. March 24, 2020
Thanks so much, Josh. Hope you all have a good day cooking yourself and thank you so much from sunny but isolated California.
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