Coral Red Jasmine Rice: Know anything about it? Tips for using it? Recipes? I picked some up while foraging for my bulk bin testing. ;o)

Thanks, everyone.



susan G. April 2, 2011
The variety of rice that the bulk bin exercise opened up is exciting! I loved the photo of the purple rice. I recently found some glutinous red rice, yet to be cooked up. Looks like basically, they are all rice with common cooking parameters -- the fine tuning is up to us, so keep posting your discoveries.
pierino April 2, 2011
The jambalaya :
pierino April 2, 2011
I like using red rice for its eye appeal as much as anything. I've used it for red beans and rice and most recently jambalaya.
Greenstuff April 1, 2011
I think there's more than one type of red rice from Thailand. In any case, Coral Red rice is red throughout. That is, it doesn't have just a red hull. In mixes with white rices, it imparts its color throughout the pot. I use it (and honestly, a whole lot of other varieties) interchangeably in my rice cooker. I mix with other rices, being mindful that it will color them, and I cook it on it's own for a slightly richer grain than white rices.
boulangere April 1, 2011
I wonder if it is similar to what I find here as simply red jasmine rice. Do you think the "coral" describes its color?
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