Ned recipe for a vegan cold rice using ruby red jasmine rice.thanks.

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Anitalectric April 30, 2011
The best rice salad I've ever had was from the lunch buffet at City Bakery. It was black rice, sugar snap peas, kaffir lime leaves and scallions in a sesame vinaigrette. You could easily substitute red rice for this.

I concocted a Greek rice salad one summer that was very tasty. Shredded grape leaves, dill, red onion, toasted pine nuts, lemon and feta (now I would substitute tofu). That would be good with jasmine rice.
PippaG April 29, 2011
I make this rice salad all the time: Combine 1 cup cooked lentils (the small french lentils don't get too mushy), 1 cup cooked rice, 2 tsp cumin, salt to taste, and 1 whole medium onion, sliced into rings and cooked slowly in olive oil with a pinch of salt until deeply caramelized. It's great hot or cold.
gingerroot April 29, 2011
One of my all time favorite rice salads is one that was originally published in Food and Wine magazine:

Over the years, I've used different dressings, added different vegetables (depending on what is in season), added nuts, etc. I guess the main thing is that you are a cilantro person.
nutcakes April 29, 2011
I love this sushi roll rice salad:, I suppose you could use any rice:

Sam1148 April 29, 2011
A rice salad with Mandarin oranges and cucumbers is nice. You could skip the orange blossom water as it can be hard to find...and sub a splash of orange juice.
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