I recipe for making bread that calls for (2) packs of yeast. With the current shortage, I only have one pack. Will the one pack still be enough?

Craig Mlasko


Nancy March 28, 2020
You could modify the recipe one of two ways if you're worried about the 1 packet of yeast not being enough:
• Halve all the ingredients to maintain the original proportions.
• Do the first rise in the refrigerator, about 24 hours, including punching it down about every 8 hours or so, to get more rise out of the one packet. Then bring to room temp and proceed as usual.
Stephanie B. March 28, 2020
Along the lines of Stephanie G's questions, is this an enriched/sweeter bread like brioche, or more of a leaner bread (not much sugar or added fats)?
Stephanie G. March 28, 2020
Hi Craig, I think it depends. A lot of my grandmother's recipes used way more yeast than we do today. Could you give the recipe amounts and we can advise you more thoroughly?
Brinda A. March 28, 2020
Hi Craig, if the recipe you’re using calls for two packets of yeast, I am thinking one packet won’t be able to provide enough leavening for the other ingredients in the recipe. I would recommend going with a bread that calls for one packet of yeast; this is one of our most beloved (and simplest) bread recipes on Food52: https://food52.com/recipes/69714-alexandra-stafford-s-no-knead-peasant-bread
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