Will chocolate melt if I mail it?

I want to make my boyfriend one of those chocolate cigarette packs where you melt the chocolate, put it in a straw and then cut it to make it look like a cigarette; putting them all in a pack. But my concern is that I'd have to send it to him through mail to his country (Argentina) and it usually takes about 20 days to get there. Do you think something would happen to the chocolate for that period of time, I'm worried it'll melt before it gets there or that it won't be eatable after that much time. Is it even worth it trying out, and what are some tips that I could apply, I've read I could send it with ice packs, but since it's around 20 days I'm not sure.

  • Posted by: vicky
  • January 1, 2014


Patty May 5, 2014
I know the army uses chocolate for its troops that does not melt. Haven't yet found such chocolate on grocery shelves. I think it wise to send something else.

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boulangere January 1, 2014
You may be skating on thin, so to speak ice. I suspect your hesitations are warranted, in other words. While we're in the throes of winter in the northern hemisphere (it is gentle snow is falling early on New Year's Day as I write this), it is summer in the southern one. Your chocolate would be pretty safe until it crosses from winter to summer. Is there a way for you to get it there more quickly that doesn't cost the proverbial king's ransom? If not, you might want to send something else and save your sweet cigarettes until you are together again. Happy New Year!
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