I was looking for the recipe for the Bread shaped like a twisted ends then twisted again maybe a savory recipe saw on Food 52 on XUMA TV

It was put together I think in layers with a rub in-between layers then cut with center intact but ends were twisted, then two of the ends through out the rest of it were then twisted at the ends. It showed several people grabbing and pulling the arms of the bread off to eat. Thanks if you can find the recipe. I have checked all the recipes on here it think. Kids thought we could have fun making it together. Thanks

Love MY Bread


Miss_Karen March 31, 2020
Her recipe is Raspberry Danish Twist Bread...
but BABKA is made with the same method. Star bread is a different procedure.
Miss_Karen March 31, 2020
Sally's baking Addiction site has the recipe AND a video.
Miss_Karen March 31, 2020
SBA site has the star bread video with a recipe.
Coral L. March 31, 2020
Hi! Is it this video/recipe? https://food52.com/recipes/39536-cheese-and-herb-star-bread
Nancy March 31, 2020
Look for images, then recipes, of round star breads.
Miss_Karen March 31, 2020
Google Babka. www.sallysbakingadiction.com has a good video.
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