savory use for apple

I have a couple of mealy apples, and I want to figure out something to do with them, but not anything dessert-like, and nothing too complicated, because it's only two apples, so I won't end up with much. Thoughts?



happycao September 5, 2011
When I used to work with a Japanese cook, he would use apples for his japanese curry sauce. It added that unidentifiable slight sweetness to it, which made it all that more interesting and yummy!
drkate September 4, 2011
Apple chutney is fairly quick and easy and goes very nicely with turkey, chicken, and pork. You could also make a mincemeat with it--add more or less sugar to make it more or less savory.
skittle September 4, 2011
I also think of a relish, but with sausage perhaps.
wssmom September 4, 2011
Creamtea what a lovely idea! I sometimes just make some applesauce with extra apples ....
creamtea September 4, 2011
Any of the above, or place a half or whole each into the cavity of a chicken and roast for a juicy and fragrant bird. You can add half an onion and some herbs (rosemary or time) as well.
mensaque September 4, 2011
If you have pork,sounds great...go with drbabs.If not some chicken breast will do the trick:dice the chicken,saute in olive oil with lots,and I mean lots of onion,garlic some cumin,salt and pepper.Add the apples sliced(don't peel them),some worcestershire sauce,pinch of sugar,splash of vinager,some water and leave it to cook for a few minutes.Or turn them into a salad,with some celery,potatoes,ham and mayonaise.
Panfusine September 4, 2011
I make a relish with granny smith apples.. dice the apples add salt & cayenne pepper to taste. Heat canola oil till smoking hot, add a tsp of mustard seeds to the oil & let it sputter, add to the apples & mix to combine..
amysarah September 4, 2011
Definitely agree on using them with pork - in a pan sauce like drbabs suggested; as part of the braising ingredients for chops; or with dried apricots and/or prunes in a stuffed roast pork loin.

I also sometimes use up mealy apples by chopping them fine and tossing them into a chicken or lamb curry. They add a nice, subtle fruity-sweet note.

Similarly, you can chop them up and add them to a butternut squash or pumpkin soup. I often roast a stray apple or pear along with the squash/carrots/onions before turning it all into soup.
CarlaCooks September 4, 2011
Savory use of apples always makes me think of Thanksgiving stuffing. I like to add sauteed apples (sauteed in some butter) to my stuffing. You could make a bread casserole and add the apples... yummy, maybe I'll make that next weekend!
drbabs September 4, 2011
I like to saute apple slices with onions and butter. Deglaze the pan with a little white wine, cider or sherry vinegar and it makes a nice sauce. Add a little heavy cream if you want a creamy sauce.
Serve with roast chicken or pork loin.
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