Tom Hirschfeld

What has happened to our favorite farmer? I can't find him on the home page or on the cooks page.



Kristen M. October 20, 2011
In case anyone missed it, Tom's new, gorgeous column is now up here:

It's also accessible via the homepage or brand new, comprehensive Articles section, as Amanda pointed out (the delay was on our end, not his!).
Amanda H. October 19, 2011
You can now all find Tom's column by clicking on Articles in the main navigation (look on the far right).
boulangere October 19, 2011
Oh, thank you so much!
Greenstuff October 20, 2011
jenmmcd October 19, 2011
It took me about 15 mins to find his last column yesterday b/c I wanted to make his posole last night. Then I found there's no cooking view anymore either, which I miss. I am struggling with the new design quite a bit, but feel very (VERY) guilty saying that since I can imagine the effort that's gone into it!
Merrill S. October 21, 2011
Cooking view will be back at some point, we promise!
fiveandspice October 19, 2011
I'm having the exact same struggle as you AJ! I'm finding it hard to interact with the site because everything is popping up in corners here and there and then if it isn't on the home page, I can't figure out how to find it at all! Of course, I'm kind of website navigationally challenged anyway.
Greenstuff October 19, 2011
Oh no, fiveandspice, say it isn't so! I've been figuring it was an age issue.

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AntoniaJames October 19, 2011
It would be great to have the list of different blog columns all in one place, as we did on the blog page in food52's former incarnation . . . the place where you could link to the "Dinner and a Movie," "Jenny's in the Kitchen" etc. to find all of that related content in one place. And a spot for "Blog" on the top navigation bar would be nice, too, wouldn't it? So helpful. I still don't know how to find the "Blog" page other than by typing in my browser. (It's now on my bookmarks bar.) Am I the only person who can't find things anymore? ;o)
Amanda H. October 19, 2011
Not that you'll get this answer, AJ, as I know your notifications have gone missing -- gah! -- but today we added "Articles" to the main nav. You may also notice that the left-hand column of the home page is now devoted soley to our regular columns. We tried including a week's worth but it got too long. Now it's something like 10 items, which should include most of a week's worth. The middle and right columns are now a mix of activity modules, Hotline, other features, and archival/blasts from the past.
boulangere October 19, 2011
Thanks all! It's been a seriously weird week, and I was in need of some thirschfeld.
hardlikearmour October 19, 2011
LLStone October 19, 2011
Or, if you go to the Recipe link, then look to the bottom right for archived articles. You'll see his last-week article there.
hardlikearmour October 19, 2011
Try "thirschfeld" in the search bar (upper right screen area), and select cooks (instead of recipes.)
boulangere October 19, 2011
Thanks, hla. I get to his recipes page that way, but can't find On a Farm in Indiana. In the meantime, here's his blog address:
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