Substituting all heavy cream for milk in banana cream pie pastry cream/pudding?

I'm trying not to waste ANYTHING in my fridge, and happen to have far more heavy cream on hand than I can use. I'm wondering if anyone has experience subbing in heavy cream for milk in the pastry cream/pudding for banana cream pie, or pastry cream in general for that matter. I assume it would just lead to a richer cream that maybe doesn't take as long to thicken, but am wondering if there are any pitfalls I am not anticipating?



Nancy April 8, 2020
Sometimes when I need to use heavy cream instead of milk I use I dilute the cream with equal amount of water to make the amount of milk the recipe called for.
It usually works well in baking.
As with Emma's comments, I'm not sure how it either full strength or diluted would work out in custard or banana cream pie.
But in these strange times it's worth a try. My guess is it will still taste very good, but I'm not sure about the texture.
Emma L. April 8, 2020
Hi Alexandra—I'm all for not letting heavy cream go to waste! Though I've never tried it as a milk substitute in pastry cream before, so it's hard for me to predict how it would turn out. Below are some other recipes that could help you get through the surplus. Hope that helps!
Alexandra April 8, 2020
This is incredibly helpful, @Emma L.! Thank you very much for these other ideas! Will definitely explore these. (BTW, I've made your ice cream a few times over the last year and, hearing me lament my heavy cream excess, my partner has already requested it again! It's wonderful :))
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