Step 5: What/when bag? Here is more text because I can't submit a question without more text apparently.

In step 5 it says to cover the bowl (in the video she uses a towel), then after it rests for 40 minutes to put it on the fridge. In the video, the one she pulls out of the fridge is in a plastic bag. What?

So when it goes in the fridge, it is still covered with the towel? When does the bag happen?

Richard Gagliano
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1 Comment

AntoniaJames August 6, 2021
I agree that's a bit confusing! It seems that the person in the video found it easier for some reason to use a plastic bag for storing it in the fridge. What I do is this: After making the dough and folding / stretching it, I sprinkle the dough with a bit of olive oil, turn the dough over in the bowl and then very tightly cover the top with a silicone lid (or, you could you plastic film). This keeps air out, which prevents the dough from drying out. I then put a tea towel over the top.

I see in the instructions a reference to putting the dough in a plastic bag, which the editors may have added since you asked this question. Given the environmental impact of that large plastic bag, however, it would be better not to do that. The plastic film should be quite clean after this use, allowing you to use it again one or more times. ;o)
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