Can you use whole wheat flour?

Has anyone tried to substitute whole wheat flour?



aargersi October 26, 2021
You might also try white whole wheat, which is still whole grain but from a lighter wheat, and more finely ground. That way you keep the nutritional value of the whole grain but with a lighter more “white flour” result.
AntoniaJames October 26, 2021
But remember, please, that just because it's lighter in color doesn't change the fact that white whole wheat flour (like regular whole wheat flour) performs somewhat differently than all-purpose flour. I always add a touch of extra liquid when making either substitution.

The King Arthur Baking company recommends 2 teaspoons of additional liquid per cup of whole wheat flour used. They also suggest letting the dough rest for 20 to 30 minutes before kneading. This gives it time to hydrate. That should also make the dough a bit easier to knead. ;o)
HalfPint October 25, 2021
You can usually use uptown 50% whole wheat flour without affecting the overall finished product.

You don't have to use the recipe for the crust. You can use whole wheat crust recipe but use the same technique. I have used other pizza dough recipes instead of the one written and it has turned out delicious as well.
HalfPint October 25, 2021
Oy, that's up to, not uptown :)
Nancy October 26, 2021
But you could play it with a soundtrack, like the old song "Uptown Girl"...?
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