Too much flour?! Measurements don’t add up!

The instructions say 2 cups flour or 240g. When I google grams to cups, 240g is said to be equal to 1.01 cups. I made this with 2 cups of flour and it was quite dense. Just made another batch with 2 cups to try it again but same thing- dough is not easy to fold. Can anyone clarify how much flour to use if I don’t have a scale? Thanks!

Alex Silverman


Nancy April 27, 2020
After more thinking about your results with this recipe, and the recipe itself, I think the flour measurement is right (2 cups or 240g).
I checked several sources (including KAF the originator of the recipe and others) and came up with an estimated range of 120-130g all purpose flour per cup.
And others have made this recipe with good results.
So, maybe reflect on your method in make the pan pizza. Was there anything that would contribute to the heaviness or difficulty in turning the dough? did you scoop the flour out of a container (which often leads to more flour being added & compacted in the cup)? Or change some other direction or method? Or, last, sometimes, it just takes a while to get the feel of a recipe...
Just wondering...
HalfPint April 26, 2020
Be aware that volume of dry ingredients is not the same as volume of liquids. I suspect that you might have been using 240 g of a liquid ( water) which converts to 1.01 cups. Flour is more dense than water so 240g of flour will measure out to 2 cups.
HalfPint April 26, 2020
Correction: flour less dense than water. That is why it’s twice the volume.

Since you are using cup measurements, you need to use the liquid measuring cup for the water and dry measuring for the flour. 1 cup dry is not the same as 1 cup wet. This is why weighing is a much better method for baking than volume.
Nancy April 26, 2020
Dear Dr Watson,
When in doubt about a recipe here, I first look in a browser for the identical recipe published elsewhere, then if that's no help, look for a similar recipe.
KAF site has the original recipe but it has the same error (2 cups or 240g)
Serious Eats has a similar pan pizza recipe, but it calls for 400g or 2.5 cups. It also makes TWO small pizzas vs the King Arthur Flour recipe, which makes ONE.
Hope this helps,
S. Holmes
Nancy April 26, 2020
Or, if not error, choice of measurement.
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