What fun and challenging Quarantine Food projects are you tackling?

Have you guys had any fun kitchen projects going while under quarantine? Something that usually would be too time consuming or challenging? Heres a list of things Ive done/ and am currently attempting to pass the time:
-24 Hour pizza dough
-Sourdough starter (on round 2- first developed mold)
-Poppyseed Babka
-Ice Cream
-6 hour Carnitas on the grill
-Cristina Tosi's German Chocolate Jimbo cake
-Jamie Olivers Milk Chicken
Coming up...
Homemade Bitters and Falernum
Soup Stock
Bagels or Pretzels
Potstickers or Empanadas
Fried Chicken
Paris Brest
Bouchons' Better Butters sandwich cookies

Jennifer W


Miss_Karen April 20, 2020
I have a triple chocolate Babka in the oven now,does that count as time consuming? 😉
Stephanie B. April 14, 2020
Wow HalfPint, that's an impressive list!

I accepted that I have no reason to keep avoiding that bag of citrus rinds in my freezer, and made candied peel. I don't like making candied peel, but I finally got it done, all 2.4lbs various frozen citrus peels. Still have plenty of lemons and oranges though so I suspect I'll have another freezer bag soon. I got Joanne Chang's Pastry Love just before the libraries in LA shut down, so I'm happy to have that for a long time and have made a few recipes from it (love it!). So not nearly as productive as HalfPint's formidable accomplishments, but I'm feeling good.

I am considering Sarah Owen's sourdough einkorn cardamom buns, something with laminated dough like palmiers or danishes, or maybe go all out and try sourdough croissants. I also signed up for a bread class now that Zingerman's Bakehouse has switched to online classes.

But it seems just as ingredients are starting to level out, I think I'll have to get back to work (not from home I mean) so those sourdough croissants will probably stay in the "someday...maybe...but definitely not now" part of my mind.
Stephanie B. April 14, 2020
Oh and Jennifer W you also got tons done! Sounds like you've made a bunch of delicious stuff.
Jennifer W. April 15, 2020
Ive had a baby bag of Einkorn in my freezer for a long time maybe Ill be able to try the cardamom buns too if my sourdough works this time!
HalfPint April 14, 2020
So far, I have made:

Soft cinnamon rolls (King Arthur Flour)
Sourdough starter (with whole wheat flour)
Preserved lemons (Meyers)
Levain-style Chocolate Chip Cookies (Stella Parks)
Sourdough chocolate cake (with the above starter discard)
Sourdough English muffins (King Arthur Flour)
Sourdough Sandwich bread (King Arthur Flour)
Whole Wheat Sourdough bread (King Arthur Flour)
Chicken in Black Bean Sauce (Woks of Life)
Pasta with Preserved Tuna (Zuni Cafe via Food52)
Dalgona Coffee

Currently am contemplating:
-Sourdough biscuits
-Sourdough crackers
-Chocolate Babka (Melissa Weller's recipe)
-Chicken Laksa
-Ham (not sure what, but I have a spiral-sliced ham in the freezer that needs cooking)
-Soft cinnamon rolls (because they were soooo good)
HalfPint April 14, 2020
Forgot, I also made the Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza, which was incredibly good. So I've made it twice in the last 2 weeks :)
Jennifer W. April 15, 2020
I just added the pan pizza to my list last night lol. Melissa Wellers babka looks fun! My go to has been this one on SmittenKitchen
But she updated to a "Better Babka" also on the website that I just tried- both are amazing but Im all about those crumbs so I sort of combined the two.
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