Sourdough Starter Not Rising/ Smell Sourish

I started my third attempt on making sourdough starter since the last couple ones failed and I discarded it. My concern now for this sourdough starter that it does not rise on the 8th day (today), nor does it smells sour anymore. From the look of it, it is still good I guess. It would be a total pity to discard it and start again.

I was feeding once daily from 1st day to 4th day, and then feeding twice starting from 5th day. I have been changing the ratios from 1:1:1 to 1:2:2 and taking advices from some fellow bakers but all of these was to no avail.

The problem is I lives in a country with very hot and high humidity. I am wondering what I need to do to get it active again and bubbling. I really could need some help from fellow bakers or anyone to provide solutions.

Homebaker May
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Stephanie B. April 15, 2020
I've come across a lot of instructions that have you switch to twice daily feeds, and found that didn't work for me when I started my starter: all it did was dilute out the microbes faster than they had a chance to grow. At this point mine, like yours, didn't smell bad but it didn't smell like anything apart from flour and water. Try going back to once a day feedings.
Homebaker M. April 15, 2020
Hi Stephanie, thank you for your reply. I will follow your advice and see how ot turns out. :)
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