What would you recommend for alternate toppings? Would a crumb topping work with this?

Deborah Ann Krug


Nancy April 17, 2020
This vanilla cake is a background that works with many toppings, mostly fruit or dairy:
• Cream cheese frosting (maybe)
• Fruit compote
• Jam or preserves
• Ice cream
• Lemon olive-oil glaze
• Loose soft cheese like ricotta or cottage cheese
• Spirits or liqueur (poke holes in the cake either shortly after removing from oven or when cooked, poke with toothpick or skewer, pour small amounts of a liquor you like into the holes).
• Yogurt or sour cream
Sorry, I doubt crumb topping would work, because it's putting like on like - crumb on crumb. If you want to use nuts or cinnamon (often in crumb toppings), I would bake the nuts into the cake and make ground cinnamon into a glaze or cinnamon sugar for dusting on top.
Nancy April 17, 2020
PS Two additions, one classic, one not.
1) Chocolate sauce - any
2) sweet tahini sauce
Nancy April 17, 2020
Correction to typo about adding liquor: or add when cooled
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