Can pan spray be used on a wooden work table instead of flour for bread making?

The bakery I work at have these old wood tables we bench on. We were taught to flour it and scrap it and wash it with water. New guy comes it and just uses pan spray. This feels wrong but I don’t have any reasons.

Marco Miceli


Nancy April 18, 2020
Pan spray is oil; it won't help the dough in the rolling and stretching.
It may help the counters in becoming less encrusted, so easier to clean.
Suggestions for rolling doug when you don't have bench flour - parchment osoer, cornstarch or potato starch.
Nancy April 19, 2020
PS I think the use of cooking spray during rolling out might increase the resistance in the dough rather than decrease it.
Nancy April 19, 2020
"Parchment paper"
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