Will the Parchment paper catch fire under the broiler?

I have never placed a sheetpan or other ovenware dish under the broiler when it had parchment paper on it. But I do use parchment all the time.

Carol Anne


EmilyC April 19, 2020
Hi Carol — I’ve made this dish multiple times and have never had a problem. And I’ve got a broiler that gets HOT! Because the sheet pan will be full, there’s very little to no exposed parchment. That said, make sure you don’t have excess parchment hanging off each side because those pieces could burn. Hope this helps!
Carol A. April 19, 2020
Perfect answer. That's what I was hoping. And I did consider making sure the paper is a 'perfect fit'. Can't wait to make this! Love za'atar, and you have motivated me to get back into loving on Penzey's! I have their massive hard-cover anniversary cookbook from a decade ago (or maybe longer...). They are a saving grace, and put out a powerful message of love through cooking for others.
thank you again.
EmilyC April 20, 2020
Thanks Carol! Hope your enjoy this meal -- let me know how it works for you!
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