a question for bakers re brown sugar

I don't think I've ever used anything other than Domino brand -- probably because that's the only brand I see at the store. I'm in the process of placing a Costco order, and they are selling a 7 lb bag of U.S. Sugar light brown sugar. If anyone has used this product, I'd love to hear if it behaved and tasted the same as Domino light brown sugar. I'd also be interested to hear, more generally, if
others have used multiple brands and whether you've found that the various brands behave differently -- or taste different -- or not. Thanks so much!

  • Posted by: keg72
  • April 21, 2020


SherryD March 30, 2024
I recently bought Costco's 7 lb bag of brown sugar which I've done for years. It is not the same! It is larger granulated and does taste and smell a little different. I don't care for it very much but will use up what I have then go back to Domino's or CH brands.
Gammy April 21, 2020
I have not used the Costco Light Brown Sugar. I generally use Domino, but on occasion have used my grocery's "house brand" Laura Lynn and have fond the taste fine, however... it seems to have a few very hard little lumps that I carefully pick out as they don't break down like most lumps. The only other thing I would watch out for is to make sure that the brown sugar is CANE SUGAR rather than BEET SUGAR. The bag/box should list this.
Miss_Karen April 21, 2020
I only use C&H brown sugar. It DDT doesn't lump up and is a available most of the time (except for the insane quarantine)
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