Am I able to freeze the dough? At what point do I put it in the freezer??

Hello! I made this pizza exactly as per recipe and it worked out great -- I think it's going to become a staple. Because it is so good, I'd like to make some dough and freeze it to use later. Does anyone know at what point to put the dough in the freezer? I'm guessing after letting it hang out in the refrigerator but before sitting it out to rise? Thanks in advance!

Glen Powell
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1 Comment

AntoniaJames July 27, 2021
Yes, you're right on all counts, Glen. You certainly can freeze this dough. The best time to freeze it is immediately following its time in the fridge.

Pizza dough is such a great thing to freeze. Recipes for pizza dough can easily be doubled, so you can do the majority of the work required for a second pizza, with that dough in the freezer on hand for when the spirit moves you. Pizza dough is also quite forgiving, in that if it isn't absolutely perfect, it's not as noticeable as slicing into a less-than perfect loaf of bread. ;o)
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