Beefy meatballs too beefy....what did I do wrong?

I made meatballs with extra lean ground beef. They came out very beefy, more like a hamburger, what did I do wrong? I added soaked squeezed out bread, egg and Italian spices. I would like them softer.

  • Posted by: lilih
  • April 30, 2020


creamtea May 1, 2020
I add an extra egg yolk. Sometimes I use only yolks, no whites (a tip I learned from a friend's Russian babysitter years ago) for extra-tender meatballs.
HalfPint April 30, 2020
For softer meatballs, I add water. Almost 1.25 cups for 1 lbs of ground beef. Rao's famous meatballs (there is a recipe on this website) uses 2 cups for 1 lb of beef. The meatballs are really soft and almost difficult to shape but they become the most tender and soft meatballs ever.
lilih April 30, 2020
Thank you. I will try that. I thought maybe more bread or breadcrumbs.
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