How do you store it ? Storage question

Do you water bath can it, put in the refrigerator or just put it on the shelf?

Tricia Schwerdt
Lemon Chutney
Recipe question for: Lemon Chutney


Nancy May 1, 2020
I've made this recipe for years and YES it does get better with age (though delicious from day 1).
Storage options;
Water bath sterilize, then store sealed up to two years.
Once you open a sealed jar, store in fridge up to 1 year.
Or, store in fridge directly after making.
I've heard of storing jams and chutneys in the freezer, but I've not yet tried it.

louisez May 1, 2020
I haven't frozen chutney, but have frozen jams and ketchup for years. Freezing jams and ketchup works well.
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