Can I transfer the dough to a hot pan after rising or will that mess it up?

Question. I’m going to make two pizzas but I only have one cast iron. If I rise my second dough in a pan similarly shaped to the cast iron, then transfer it to the hot cast iron after the first pizza is done baking, would that work? Would the dough get messed up in the transfer or would it be bad to put room temp dough directly into hot pan before baking? Thanks in advance!

Lindsey Goodman
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1 Comment

HalfPint May 8, 2020
I think it's doable. Maybe roll or stretch out the second crust onto parchment, top with cheese & sauce, then slide everything into the hot cast-iron pan. The baking temperature is not that high. You might not get that crispy crust though. I advise against trying to stretch dough onto a hot pan (ouch!). Transferring an uncooked pizza between pans is nerve-wrecking at best.
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