When to add salt for better beans.

Hi. Just thought I’d share something I recently figured out. I love cooking my own beans when I have the opportunity but have always found the flavour to be not quite satisfactory even though I add salt while cooking. So recently I decided to add salt to the water that the beans soak in. Then I also added some to them while cooking. The flavour truly was a game changer and the beans tasted fabulous. The salt was throughout each bean and really kicked the flavour up. Hope it works for you too.

Marika Tomsits


creamtea May 18, 2020
Yes, I always add salt to both the soaking water and the cooking water and find the cooked beans to be much more flavorful. As long as the beans are not old, they should cook in a reasonable amount of time (I use the Instant Pot).
gandalf May 15, 2020
How much salt in how much water, and when did you add the salt in the cooking process? Did the addition of salt in the water and in the cooking beans have any effect on the length of cooking time? I ask because the U.S. Dry Bean Council states on its website to "be aware that adding salt during cooking can extend cook times and possibly toughen the bean."
gandalf May 15, 2020
Also, what type of dry beans were you cooking?
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