how should i fix the surface of this black matte enameled cast iron griddle?

because of the shallowness, boiling baking soda and water would be difficult. i tried bar keepers friend with a little water and a gentle scouring pad...which did help... but these areas still remain.

also, when i'm googling this issue, most pictures i see are of the white enameled cookware, is the black matte any different as far as treatment?

liz andrew
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Stephanie G. May 17, 2020
Try the liquid Bar Keepers' Friend. It has removed things for me on my Staub skillet that the powder version won't. The manager of Williams Sonoma in my city recommended it to me years ago. It works really well. Good luck!
liz A. May 17, 2020
ok! maybe i'll give that a try. thank ya
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