Tenderizer marinade WITH a dry rub?

I love tenderizing meats with cola products, and I want to try it out on beef ribs. My question is this: after tenderizing in the cola marinade, would I still be able to remove, Pat dry and put on the DELICIOUS dry rub I found and cook as usual?



MetalMomma78 April 10, 2022
Great ideas all! Thanks for your help. I'm putting them to use today, doing a side by side and I'll update tonight! Thanks again!
Nancy April 10, 2022
Did I misunderstand your question? Perhaps I focussed too much on the tenderizer idea, thinking you wanted to tenderize the meat with both cola and rub.
But if it's to tenderize with cola, drain, then season with rub and cook - I think it'll all be fine.

Some of the rub will cling to the surface, penetrate the meat only a little during cooking, but still give you flavor when you eat.

Whatever you choose/chose, will you please tell us, and how it worked out?
Nancy April 8, 2022
Not sure, but I see a couple possible problems.
After soaking in the cola marinade, the beef might not be receptive to more penetration by dry spices.
Also, both cola and many barbecue rubs have sugar. Using both might increase the sugar to unpleasant levels, or promote burning on the grill - unless the meat is watched carefully.
A couple suggesttions to try:
1) mix the dry rub (if low on sugar) with the cola and marinate the beef just once in the seasoned liquid, then remove from marinade and grill
2) do a side-by-side comparison of three methods and decide in practice which you like more
* just the cola marinade
* just the dry rub
* using both in one bowl
* using both in sequence
3) marinate in the cola, drain & grill, then garnish the beef with either the dry rub sprinkled on, or mixed with butter.
Last, here's a good article on using dry rubs on grilled beef.
Nancy April 8, 2022
Ok, my numbers might not add up (a couple suggestions, three methods, but 6 ideas). Still, try those ideas you find appealing, based on the contents (especially amount of sugar) in your dry rub.
And if you do the side by side experiment, please tell use which gave best tasting results.
Last, here's a recipe for compound butter, for the proportions if not necessarily the same ingredients you might use.
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