what can I substitute for plain flour and wheat germ?

can I substitute whole wheat flour for plain flour and wheat germ? I don't have many supplies atm, but I also have spelt flour, bread flour, and sunflower seeds. :/

Joyce Daedalus


Stephanie G. May 26, 2020
Is your spelt flour whole grain spelt? Whole grains will yield a much denser crust. You can sub all whole wheat if that's all you have but you will want to add more water.
Nancy May 26, 2020
Joyce -
SPELT (or other whole grain) flour ok for up to half the original wheat flour measure.
OTHER REPLACEMENTS for wheat flour, especially ok as you're making a crust not a bread or cake. 1 for 1 by volume - bread flour, rolled oats, oat or rice flour, bread or cracker crumbs.
For WHEAT GERM, use any bran (wheat, oat, rice). In a pinch, grind up some bran cereal and use,
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