Is there any harm in soaking my Le Creuset Dutch oven overnight, every night?

We just find it easier to soak the big pot after dinner and wash it in the mornings.... but I’m worried the long nightly soaks could eventually cause harm or risk damaging it... thoughts?

  • Posted by: JV
  • May 31, 2020


HalfPint June 4, 2020
According to the Le Creuset website, should be fine:

The cast iron is enameled so it's not easily damaged. LC also wrote that you can even have an acidic marinade in the enameled cast iron since it was "impermeable". I think as long as you don't damage the enamel (by using metal utensils), a soak in water is not going to do anything to the dutch oven.
HalfPint June 4, 2020
Here are the care instructions:

JV June 4, 2020
Thanks for the response. I knew it was ok to soak occasionally (based on those instructions), but wasn’t sure if daily soaking for such long periods could eventually cause harm. Your answer gives me some comfort thought that it’s probably not an issue!
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