How do I pipe the overlapping circles?

I’m confused on the instructions to pipe over the traces circle, then overlapping circles. Are these supposed to be concentric circles? Or a spiral continuously from the perimeter to the center? Or smaller circles all touching each other within the larger perimeter, like a beehive?

Perry Tsai


Nancy June 1, 2020
Look at YouTube for easier, better instructions. Or to image sites for the finished pastry.
The Paris Brest was developed in early 20th century to mark a big race (before the Tour de France started). Supposed to evoke if not exactly resemble a bicycle wheel.
For example:[]=paris%7Cautocomplete%7C6&term_meta[]=brest%7Cautocomplete%7C6&term_meta[]=photography%7Cautocomplete%7C6
Perry T. June 1, 2020
Oh ok, thanks. Yea I looked at images of Paris Brest, and it looks like a ring with an open center. What confused me is that the image on the recipe page looks like it has a full pastry on top, more like a disc than a wheel, but it’s a little difficult to make out the details. Do you see what I mean?
Nancy June 2, 2020
Yes, Perry, I saw that filled-in disc.
Looks to me like a variation by this recipe author.
You could make that if you want, or the traditional open circle,
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