Can this be cooked on the stove and Skip oven?

Hi, could this is cooked on the stove without using the oven? I don’t have a 12” oven safe skillet and think using my 10” pan will result in a mess. Thanks! Karen



Nancy June 1, 2020
Karen - agree with EmilyC, this can be made on stovetop only.
Figure a 10" frypan with a 2" height will hold about 2.5 liters (a bit over 10 cups).
If you think the recipe will need more volume than that, either cut it in half, or use a saucepan/casserole dish that's larger.
Last, look at Martha Stewart's one-pot pasta recipe (her site, here, other sites) if you want a guide to a stovetop pasta.
Nancy June 1, 2020
Maybe 11 cups

Ksmckeown June 1, 2020
Thank you!
EmilyC June 1, 2020
Hi Karen, I’ve never cooked it entirely on the stove, but yes, it should work just fine. Just monitor the heat closely to maintain a gentle simmer so the bottom layer doesn’t burn. Or, if you don’t mind dirtying another pan, you could transfer the contents to a casserole dish after simmering for a few minutes in your skillet. Either way should work well!
Ksmckeown June 1, 2020
Perfect, thank you!
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