Recipe ideas for mini turnips? I've never cooked with them before.

I got a bunch of lovely mini turnips from my CSA, but have not the faintest idea what to do with them - I've eaten and enjoyed turnips many times, but never cooked them. please help!

Reenee Gangopadhyay


creamtea June 1, 2020
I cut them in half and roasted them in oil and salt, cut side down. They were delicious. The greens were good too.
Cynthia N. June 1, 2020
I love these small turnips, and have also gotten them in recent CSA deliveries. Last night I chopped some, raw, to add to a lentil salad with garden radishes and chives. A week ago I grilled them--halved and lightly tossed with oil. Really delicious!
Nancy June 1, 2020
Pickled turnips.
See David Lebowitz, foodnetwork, epicurious for recipes. Easy and good.
Stephanie G. June 1, 2020
I get them from a local farmer and they are so sweet and delicious I just eat them raw in salads.
gandalf June 1, 2020
Here is a recipe or two that might be useful:
Reenee G. June 1, 2020
Thank you very much! These look delicious.
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