Green pan roasting pan say use refined olive oil and I can’t find it in g

What is the difference between olive oil, EVOO, and refined olive oil.

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HalfPint June 3, 2020
I would get a "light" or a light tasting olive oil. Refined usually means that it has been "purified"(either chemically or through heat treatment), so that it has little to no odor, with a clear appearance. I think the Green pan instructions specify refined olive oil is because has a higher smoking point and shelf stable. This is a roasting pan, so you'll be using high temperatures.

Differences in olive oil:

extra virgin oil olive - oil from the first pressing. It has not been treated (usually) to any heating or subjected to any purification process during the extraction. I like to think of it as a finishing oil, much like a finishing salt. Nice to add it to a finished dish, at the end of cooking. EVOO is can also be unfiltered, which then makes the smoking point much lower. So it's not a good oil to use for cooking that involves high heat, since you could lose all that great flavor and "scorch" the oil.

olive oil - has been treated to some heat or chemicals during extraction. It is a generic term and to me, means that it's not an EVOO and will not have that lovely flavor or some of the health benefits. However, it makes a great cooking oil with a high smoking point and it's relative inexpensive.

Hope this helps.
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