what is the best work surface material for a baker?

Wood? Stainless Steel? Marble? ???



arielcooks June 14, 2020
Soapstone. It stays cool and is almost indestructible. Cherries, lemons, even bleach cannot hurt it.
thom June 14, 2020
I like our granite peninsula for rolling out pastry because it's flat. Due to a miscommunication, the peninsula is at a lower height than our stainless countertops (we're both tall). It was a lucky mistake because the lower height is great for kneading bread.

When I make chocolate cherry bread, I now rest the dough on my stainless countertops. I started doing that when I noticed the cherries were etching the surface of the granite. The stainless is also great for when I make No Knead Bread and have to put a screaming hot Dutch oven on a counter.

Of course the initial scratches on the stainless counters were painful to see but after many many years of use they have a wonderful soft patina.

BTW, our last kitchen had a stainless backsplash behind the cooktop. The scratches on it drove me crazy because they never achieved the patina level. Now we have a tempered glass backsplash behind the cooktop and it is very very easy to keep clean and sparkly.

BakerBren June 5, 2020
What type of baking? Marble is nice for pastries, but wood rules for bread. Maple butcher block is hard to beat.
Gammy June 4, 2020
I love my granite countertops! Similar to marble, without the staining issues.
Theresa June 14, 2020
I second the recommendation for granite countertop, if you have them. Keeps dough cool for good management when rolling out and forming loaves or pastries. Dough bits can easily be scraped up and counter cleaned. I also use large wooden boards too.
SMSF June 3, 2020
I use a marble pastry board and that works well. I'm not a big baker so having something I can stash away is important to me. Mine is about 20" x 16". Marble is very heavy, so keep that in mind if you decide to go with a board.
Stephanie G. June 3, 2020
Any stone surface that will keep your butter cool when you are making pie crust or scones or such and will be smooth for rolling out doughs, IMHO. :)
Wendy June 3, 2020
Marble is great but will stain, stainless steel scratches. I have composite quartz counters (Caesarstone) and they are fabulous for baking. They look like marble but are so easy to clean.
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