Incorporating raisins as a paste

Has anyone tried this with the inclusion of raisins in the form of a paste? I am trying to see if including 1 to 2 TBSP of raisins (soaked in warm water and pureed/blitzed to a thick paste) will work along with the cinnamon-cocoa mix. I know to not make the paste very wet, so checking if anyone has tried it?

Anusha Jain


Nancy June 8, 2020
Anusha Jain - no I've not done it, but had a wild idea that fruit in dehydrated or already pasty format might work: fruit leather, dehydrated pieces, freeze-dried bits. You'd get concentrated flavor without riskin too much moisture.
Anusha J. June 13, 2020
Oh, that's a cool idea! Essentially similar to adding whole raisins. Thanks!
I'm going to take a risk and try it out with some raisin paste. Will post how it turns out.
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