Eleusis hand sanitizer: so expensive !

I just looked at your ad for eleusis hand sanitizer. You don't mention the ounces, just the dimensions of the bottle, which is strange and not typical in the description of liquids. So, I looked up the eleusis website and it is 3 oz. bottles. $40 for 6 oz.? That's more than $6 an ounce. I love Food52 and wish you would carry more realistically-priced items. Most of us can't afford the products you offer, making me wonder if your target audience are just right people.

Jane OBrien
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1 Comment

Butter &. July 23, 2020

Still want hand sanitizer that's not bleach, but is value based? Check out Dr. Bite.com...they create great (green and healthy) products with bundle options for cost savings.

We love their products! Being rustic home cooks also means that we wash our hands A LOT and keep good kitchen hygiene too.

Hope it helps...
Butter & Bacon
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