I’m a teen and I suspect that the corn oil we are using has gone bad. I can taste it and I can smell it while it’s cooking. How do I test it?

I’m the only one who seems to taste/smell it even though it smells rancid to me.

  • Posted by: Eeee
  • June 16, 2020


pyeonoo August 16, 2021
hello eeee I am experiencing the same thing as well with my family but just me, my siblings, and now my mom. Have you recovered already from that experience?
Lori T. June 17, 2020
There isn't any way to specifically test oil to scientifically test oil at home. However, your nose and taste buds remain the best ways to detect when oil has gone- or is going - rancid. It takes on a strong odor and taste, both unpleasant. Some people are more sensitive to these gradual changes than others, which might be why you are the only one currently detecting it. The only thing you can do is suggest that it is time to replace the bottle with a fresh one. In case the reason for not replacing it is because it would waste the old bottle- there are ways to use that so it's not a wasted item. Old oil can be used combined with vinegar to clean, polish and lubricate wood items (not your cutting board though!) like chairs or furniture. It can also clean and polish metal or metal tools, or wicker baskets/furniture. Old vegetable oils can also be burned in a lamp just like lamp oil or kerosene. Drops of it will lubricate and silence squeeky hinges, too. Perhaps if you suggest alternative uses for it, rather than just tossing it- you can convince the family to replace that bottle with a fresh one. Oil usually lasts about a year, if tightly capped and stored dark and relatively cool. However, you can also increase the life of oil you will not use frequently- or if your kitchen is usually very warm- by putting it in the refrigerator. This won't keep it good forever, but it helps. It will thicken and cloud when cold, but should come back to a liquid state fairly quickly at room temperature when you need to use it.
Eeee June 17, 2020
Thank you for your response. I guess it does come down to me trying to convince my family. I have another question, I also taste the smallest resemblance of the rancid taste in other foods with no oil. Would that problem lie with me or with the the rancid oil taste lingering around?
Gammy June 17, 2020
Eeee, that IS a bit odd. I might mention this to your doctor during your next visit. There are certain conditions that can have an effect on your sense of taste and smell (which are actually linked together).
Lori T. June 17, 2020
Yeah, I'm with Gammy on this one. If you find yourself experiencing a bad taste in your mouth with other foods, and the cause doesn't seem to be food related- it's time to have a professional look into things. The most common reason for taste changes are in the mouth- teeth and gums. So a visit to the dentist or your doctor might be in order.
Libby December 18, 2021
Coronavirus can cause this too, even if you have had it in the past (I had it in august). I am suddenly smelling and tasting slightly off/rancid oil in everything too and it’s driving me crazy!!!
DonJuane February 20, 2022
I am a fried food lover for many decades and after Coronavirus all fried foods has a smell that smells like cottonseed oil. I haven't yet found out which oils are worse and I don't seem to smell anything with olive oil but the stuff they use in fast food fry locations smells like linseed or cottonseed oil now. I had Covid19 7 months ago.
sherry April 12, 2024
I have the same problem. It is not with all food so I believe I have a heightened sense of when old oil is used. It is usually restaurants with reuse of oil and sometimes boxed foods, always when oil is used. Just recently a bag of chips and often french fries, but not all.
Occasionally a burger, if it is grilled in a restaurant. I ask people too but they do not taste it. I believe mine started after covid, Dont think anything is wrong with you. The first time it happened after covid, I thought the restaurants were conserving on oil and using longer. That is still possible ,but also, it is my ability to detect it
DonJuane April 12, 2024
All I can report is that my hypersensitivity to the smell of old oil heated to fry things finally disappeared after about 2 years after my episode of Covid.
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