Can I sub apple sauce for water?

I've never seen water in a cake recipe. Can I sub applesauce or milk? Also can I add an egg?

Apple Spice Cake
Recipe question for: Apple Spice Cake


Nancy June 19, 2020
The answer to both questions is "of course you can."
OTOH, if you like the idea of this cake, maybe make it once as the recipe is written and see how it turns out. And it does have a 5-star rating here from those who made it.
On the third hand, if you strongly dislike the presence of the water and the lack of egg, maybe make a more traditional recipe.
grammarcat June 19, 2020
fair enough!
Nancy June 19, 2020
Good to hear from you. I was just about to add a note, asking you to tell us what you eventually decide to make and how it works out.
I'm I've never seen a cake recipe with water in the batter. But yes to some without eggs (like recipes from the 1930s depression and World War II),
grammarcat June 22, 2020
So, this cake is not spectacular, but it is fine, and I am no great cook or baker, so I can't complain - its a great cake and I can make it in a RECORD amount of time - super fast. I made it twice in short order. So it is super quick and easy. I used applesauce. I added a couple tablespoons of flour the second time bc it was so moist. Oh, and I used about 1.5tsp baking soda each time bc I did not want it to be too dense. It was fine. I was afraid I might taste the soda but it was fine.
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