Any risk of food poisoning when soaking beans on the counter instead of the frig? Some food toxins nonstops not killed by high high heat..Botulism, st

  • Posted by: mar
  • June 20, 2020


creamtea June 21, 2020
I always soak at room temp overnight (or for a few hours next day). Have been doing it for years. I've never heard of botulism being a problem with dried beans. I always rinse very well before soaking. But I don't cook in a slowcooker. I cook either on stovetop or in the Instant Pot.
gandalf June 20, 2020
I've never heard of botulism or any other type of food poisoning arising in beans that are soaked on a counter at room temperature; although some contributor on this site did raise an issue once about how beans could begin to ferment if left to soak on the counter for a long enough time. (That gave me some pause, and made me more careful of how long I left the beans to soak.)

I have been soaking beans at room temperature on a kitchen counter, with only a towel over the container, as long as I have been cooking dried beans -- for years -- and have never had a problem with contaminated beans. Neither the Bean Institute nor the U.S. Dry Bean Council doesn't mention food poisoning either as a hazard of soaking, that I can find.

If you are not comfortable with soaking beans at room temperature for several hours, here is a link that gives several different ways to soak beans:
gandalf June 20, 2020
In Paragraph 2 it should read, "Neither the Bean Institute nor the U.S. Dry Bean Council mentions food poisoning . . . ."

Sorry about the bad grammar/sloppy editing.
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