I picked up shrimp cocktail for tacos can I still use it?

Mary Berter Taylor


gandalf June 22, 2020
Not quite sure what you mean by "picked up shrimp cocktail" -- did you buy a bottle of prepared shrimp cocktail? Is it unused? Is your question about potential use with tacos based on the ingredients in the shrimp cocktail or because you are concerned about preservation/spoilage?

If your concern is about the ingredients, shrimp cocktail sauce is just ketchup + horseradish + lemon juice in appropriate proportions. You could use it as a base for a salsa to put on tacos, although I might add some things to it: chopped onion, peppers, maybe a small amount of oil to take off the sharp edge of the cocktail sauce.
Mary B. June 22, 2020
LoL I am stupid I meant
Shrimp already cooked for shrimp cocktail... could I cook it and use it in my taco wraps...it works out great I just cooked it for a few minutes I was afraid I would over cook the shrimp...
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