Chocolate chips or cocoa powder?

I was wondering if I can substitute semisweet chocolate chips and reduce the amount of sugar or use unsweetened cocoa powder instead of the unsweetened chocolate. Thanks!

Chocolate Dump-It Cake
Recipe question for: Chocolate Dump-It Cake


Nancy June 28, 2020
For every ounce of unsweetened chocolate (there are 4 in the recipe), use 1-2 oz of semisweet chocolate chips, reduce sugar by 3 tbsp (so remove 12 tbsp or 3/4c from original recipe) and reduce fat by 1/2 tsp (so remove 2 tsp butter from original recipe).
That only reduces the sugar total by about 1/3.
If you want a good tasting chocolate cake low on sugar intake, have a look at this one:
Mercedes June 28, 2020
Thank you so much, Nancy!
Nancy June 28, 2020
Mercedes, you're welcome. After I posted myvandwer, I realized that using the semisweet chips doesn't reduce the sugar by as much as 1/3, as they too have sugar in them. Sorry.
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