How much cabbage (weight) does 1 medium cabbage yield?

Not sure how important proportion is but what I think is medium sized may be large (or small)

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Green Cabbage Slaw (Krautsalat)
Recipe question for: Green Cabbage Slaw (Krautsalat)

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Lori T. June 29, 2020
I can't give you an exact weight, but I would hazard to guess a medium size green cabbage would weigh 2-3 pounds. With cabbage, it can depend on how tightly packed it is- and spring cabbage tends to weigh less for size than fall harvested ones. The guide I use to size heads is my hand. A small cabbage is about softball size, and I can wrap my hand around a majority of the head. I can still pick up a medium size head with one hand, but only get my hand around maybe half of the head or slightly less. Of course, the large heads require two hands to safely pick up from the bin.
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