How to alter recipe for shortcakes?

Excited to try this for stawberry-peach shortcakes this wknd. How much sugar do you recommend using? Any other add-in suggestions? I've seen Carla use lemon zest. Thanks :)

Susan Liem


Nancy July 5, 2020
The lemon zest idea is nice.
For sugar, I would not add any to the original ingredients, as it would change the moisture and texture of the batter and biscuit.
You will get lots of sweetness in the finished plated dessert from the sweetened berries and whipped cream usyally used.
If you really want sweeter biscuits, dust these with sugar on top just before baking or perhaps use another recipe with about 1/3 to 1/2 cup sugar in the batter.
Nancy July 5, 2020
I meant: sweetened berries and peaches.
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