Do we baste with the glaze or what

Are we basting with the glaze? Slightly confusing as the order would call for the glaze to me made during the cooking....

  • Posted by: Anshu
  • July 16, 2020


Coral L. July 20, 2020
Hi Anshu! The ribs will release juices naturally during the slow-roasting process. Baste with the juices that naturally collect in the pan. Thanks!
Nancy July 16, 2020
Read through the recipe again.
You'll see the blueberries are used just at the end to finish the ribs under the grill.
Susan D. July 17, 2020
Yes, it does say that the blueberries are used at the end of the recipe but, in Step 2., where it says to baste the ribs every hour, it does not say what to baste them with. Nor does it say what to baste them with anywhere else in the recipe.
One could presume that you would baste the ribs with any juices that may cook out of the ribs; however, there is no indication that any juices will cook out of the ribs.
Therefore, it would be helpful to know what they are supposed to be basted with.
Being a professional proofreader and editor by trade, I purposely re-read the entire recipe prior to coming to the comments and questions for the exact same reason as Anshu did -- to determine what the ribs are to be basted with.
Perhaps the author of the recipe can shed some light on this.
Coral L. July 20, 2020
Hi Susan,

You are correct—when you slow-roast these ribs, they will release their natural juices in the pan, which you are to baste the ribs with.

Thanks for your interest!
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