What do you serve as a side with ratatouille?

Making ratatouille tonight, unsure what a good side is. Ideas?



Joan R. September 9, 2020
Parmesan polenta. Take and leftover polenta and put it in a plastic wrapped bake pan to cool in the fridge. Cut squares of the polenta cake to reheat with leftover ratatouille. It's perfect 👌
Lynne G. August 29, 2020
I like a light protein, not a starch. If the mood calls for an ‘under’ mound of something, I’ve discovered quinoa is wonderful with well seasoned and herbed ratatouille (much better than rice) and you can season and butter it as desired
arielcooks August 9, 2020
Fettucine, undressed. I serve the ratatouille next to or on top of it as a vegetarian meal. I use plenty of mushrooms and eggplant in the ratatouille for substance and mouth-feel.
roxanne K. August 9, 2020
This recipe by Mark Bittman is one of my favorites!
Nancy July 28, 2020
Hansolsson - PS will you let us know, afterwards, what you eventually served with your ratatouille and how the dinner went?
Lori T. July 28, 2020
Aside from a good baguette, I would have a variety of olives, cornichons, and some lightly salted butter. Perhaps a bit of cheese, like a comte or a firmer goat cheese. I've never felt it needed a starchy side, because the bread can up all those wonderful juices.
Gammy July 28, 2020
I love ratatouille with the larger Israeli couscous, but the more common smaller couscous would be great, too.
grandrivergirl July 28, 2020
Polenta would be nice, or even cheese grits.
Stephanie G. July 28, 2020
This is my favorite way to serve it and I also include a garnish of ricotta cheese or a fried egg.
Nancy July 28, 2020
Not much else, in order to highlight the dish itself.
A bit of good bread, or cooked pasta.
If you need/want protein in the meal, a simple grilled fish, meat or tofu si as not to compete with the stew.
Wine (provencal rose or Rhone valley red).
HalfPint July 28, 2020
I like the idea of having a starchy side. Maybe pommes duchesse? Or a potato gratin?
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