Elote Reheat and can you put the wooden stick in oven

How do you reheat in the bravo XL and also can you put the wooden stick in oven?

Cindy Dubow Farmer
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Oven Roasted Elote
Recipe question for: Oven Roasted Elote

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Lori T. July 31, 2020
I've reheated leftover elote in my convection oven with some luck. Put it in a baking pan with a few spoons of water, and a tablespoon or so of butter. Cover the pan with foil, and heat it in a 350F oven for about 10 minutes if it is refrigerator cold to start with. You can also peel back the foil to check to see if it's hot. It's fine to leave the wooden stick in for this. The heat isn't enough to start a fire, that's only a risk if you use them under a broiler. If you're nervous, wet down the wooden stick first, just like you would if you were grilling.
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