Meat thermometer recommendations?

Hey there! Does anyone have a good meat thermometer recommendation -- the kind you stick in the oven and can read the temperature on a reader outside of the oven? I'm trying to keep from opening & closing the oven lid.

  • Posted by: Lexi
  • May 15, 2020


Jacob P. May 19, 2020
Hi Emma,

If you haven't already purchased a thermometer, we also sell one here on the Food52 shop that sounds like it's what you're looking for:
Lexi May 20, 2020
Thanks, Jacob! Looks like a great option. How long is the cord? I can't tell if it will be long enough to reach the meat in the oven.
Jacob P. May 20, 2020
Hi Lexi,

The cord is 39 inches long. Thanks for pointing that out, I will add this information to the product page :)
Gammy May 15, 2020
I second Emma... love the Thermoworks' products!
Lexi May 20, 2020
Awesome, good to know!
MMH May 15, 2020
I like the polder with remote.
Lexi May 20, 2020
Thank you!
Emma L. May 15, 2020
Hey Lexi! ThermoWorks' products are great.
Lexi May 20, 2020
Thanks, Emma!
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