How do I convert recipe for a 4 inch cake?

Hey, Erin! Would really love to try this recipe out, but I want to make this into a 3 layered 4 inch cake. How should I amend the measurements accordingly? Thank you 😊♥️

  • Posted by: JashK
  • August 6, 2020


Nancy August 7, 2020
another way to think about it:
each 9 inch round cake pan (of which this recipe uses 2) holds 6c volume, so 12c volume for recipe.
4 inch round cake pan holds about 25 oz or 3c, so 1/4 of the original recipe
4 inch sq cake pan holds about 32 oz or 4c, so 1/3 of the original
(using 2" estimated height for 4" pans; if lower or higher, adjust volume estimates).
Nancy August 7, 2020
Correction to reflect your wanting to make 3 layers of 4" size.
My first answer gave volumes for only one layer.
Three layers of 4" round pans hold about 75 ounce or 9 cups, 3/4 if original recipe.
Three layers of 4" sq hold about 96 oz or 12 cups, same as original two layers of 9" round
Method - if you don't have 4" pans, I agree with creamtea's sheet pan idea for either round or square small cake.
Nancy August 7, 2020
Jashk and apologies, I omitted one step in my calculations and conversions thus morning.
The 75 and 96 were cubic inches, not ounces.
Converting them to ml then ounces then cups produces, I think, much less than I first estimated....probably closer to your (creamtea) estimate of half the recipe in your second solution.
For now, i'm retiring for a while from recipe calculations....don't want to cause anyone to waste ingredients or time.
creamtea August 6, 2020
two possibilities:
1) make the full cake recipe, bake in a parchment lined standard sheet -cake pan c. 8 1/2 x 12 or 12 1/2 in., filled 2/3 full. Any extra batter can be baked in cupcake tins or greased and floured custard cups so have those ready. Be sure to prepare a sling for easy removal since sheet cakes can be a little floppy. When cool, remove from pan using the sling, and cut out 3 discs using a 4 inch template (your small cake pan) and a sharp thin knife or paring knife. Trim and freeze the remainder for another time. The cuttings can be whizzed in a food processor and used for crumbs to decorate the sides of a future cake or better yet, nibbled by the pastry chef.

2) halve the cake recipe, (how to halve an egg since you'll need 2-1/2 eggs: beat the egg in a small custard cup and measure out 1/2 of the volume "by eye"--which is what I usually do). When baking, keep an eye on the cakes as they'll likely cook more quickly.
JashK August 7, 2020
Thank you so much for the detailed information! I'll be sure to try these methods out 😊👏🏽
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