Will the icing be too thick if using a Bundt cake pan? Usua

Chocolate Dump-It Cake
Recipe question for: Chocolate Dump-It Cake


Amanda H. August 14, 2020
You won't be able to pour it over like a glaze, you'd need to ice it. I've seen people do this with the cake on Instagram and it looks cute, like a big doughnut!
HarriedChef August 20, 2020
Perfect. Thank you. By the way, have made your fruit tart twice. Big hit. Tastes soooooooooo good. Trying to prevent the edge from burning though. Should I bake it in the middle rack? I usually bake my pies in the bottom rack. So I did the same with the tart.
Amanda H. August 22, 2020
Yes -- bake it on the middle rack, and if you can form the dough so it's a little thicker around the edges (but doesn't come up higher than the side of the tart pan), this may help!
HarriedChef August 27, 2020
Perfect. Thank you.
HarriedChef August 14, 2020
Usually I use a slightly thinner glaze.
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