Chilling overnight between the folding process

So I've made puff pastry dough before without issue. However, I started making some dough for some empanadas but due to leaving for an impromptu vacation only folded 4 times (twice in two sittings) I usually fold 6 to 8 times and wish to refold it a few more times but it's being refrigerated for nearly 2 full days. Is it possible to continue the folding process without ruining the dough after such long refrigeration?
I'd assume not but I haven't ever started and not finished in one sitting before so I felt I should ask.

  • Posted by: LAR6
  • August 21, 2020


Lori T. August 21, 2020
Since you can safely store homemade and unbaked puff pastry in the fridge for 4-5 days, I wouldn't think anything would have happened that should ruin your dough. If anything, whatever gluten had been developed should have relaxed plenty, and make the next turn a lot easier. If it were me, I'd proceed with the rest of the folding process. I darn sure wouldn't be tossing it, after all that work and all that butter!
LAR6 August 22, 2020
Oh I certainly wouldn't toss it but I would be hesitant to fold more if it would make it worse not better. But I will proceed with the folding since I like to add as many layers as possible. Hopefully all will be fine, I'll post an update later.
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