Can I use Brown sugar or Cane Sugar as a Substitute?

Eek! Just realized that I only have 3/4 c. granular sugar. I have light brown and also cane sugar. Would either work? Thanks!

Maureen McCarty
Chocolate Dump-It Cake
Recipe question for: Chocolate Dump-It Cake


Lori T. August 29, 2020
Cane sugar was just a source specific type of white sugar. so you can use that anyplace you see the ingredient listed as simply sugar. Some packages labeled simply sugar are actually made from sugar cane, while others are from sugar beets, or in a few instances it's a blend of the two. Chemically speaking, it's the same stuff. Some cane sugar is a bit darker, depending on the amount of molasses which was rinsed off. White sugar simply was washed more. The amount of molasses remaining is pretty small really, which is why you can sub one for the other without any real problems. Brown sugar, on the other hand, does have enough left behind to be problematic in baking. So I recommend you use that cane sugar.
Hannah P. August 28, 2020
I've made a very similar cake recipe that used all brown sugar. I think either will probably be fine!
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